Air pollution is big problem in North Republic of Macedonia and all world. Through continuous research, "Eko Solar dooel" - developed new technologies with high efficiency to reduce those problem. It is use for axially space heating, inside in object.

New product It is named "Air solar collectors with rotating cells" . Those product is very simple to install. It increase temperature inside in object, and filter outside air from PM 10 or other small particles

Air solar absorber in collector has triangle cells. Those cells are giving 3 functions :

Maximum space heating,                       (First cell side - selective absorber surface)

Advertising and space heating   (Second cell side- advertising text, reduced heating)

Cooling space in summer mornings   (Third cell side- reflective for solar radiation)





Horizontal air solar collector with rotating cells installed on facade



Air solar collector

New vertical solar collector for space heating. Fresh air form outside area is medium for transfer solar energy in museums; industry; sport objects...


Eco Solar dooel is certificated training center for solar installers.

Trainers has sertificate form  Handwerkskammer Koblenc from Germany











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